How we take care of your

Interior Design Project

Step one: First Date

We will first set a date for you to visit your place and hear our ideas and vision. It will be all about us knowing you and your personal style better so we can work around it. We talk the details we need from this sit down such as measurements. It usually takes 1 hour.  (may vary depending on the size of the project)

Step two: Propose

That's when we present you our design proposal. After the first design consultation, we go back to our design studio and work on your project and prepare a personalized proposal for you which includes a color palette, mood boards, selected fabric swatches, furniture and 3D modeling and visual drawings of your place with the new design. Once we are finished we invite you to our design studio to go through the proposal with us and brainstorm for the second time. We are so open about your ideas and it's important to us that you feel happy with the decision. So we help you manipulate the design as far as you want with professional suggestions. We don't charge you for giving you the proposal. 

Step Three: Kick Off

As soon as you confirm the proposal, we will start off with your project. Depending on your project we start to book trade or order furniture and other needed purchases. The most important thing in this phase is time and budget management which you don't need to worry about it because we will take care of it. We deal with all the contractors, trades and manufacturers. The fee for our services at this stage depends on the scope of the project and will be estimated and confirmed at the proposal phase. 

Step Four: Golden touches

Your place should be finished and perfect so we take care of the finishing touches for you. We will bring tons of accessories and decor to try out in your space. And we help you choose the best options and finish it successfully and beautifully. 

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